a good idea is meaningless without the courage to act…

A way to work on courage is via self development. Online you can find many, many seminars about how to live a successful life. How to reach your goals. How to live a life of your dreams. How to attract love, money and success into your life. This one has the same goals.  There is one main difference.

We do not strive to raise your frequency until you experience pure positivity and love, while a whole hell is still below you, suppressed far away in your subconscious. Waiting on the opportunity to erupt like a volcano. You will be surprised how your subconsciousness mind has been influenced by remarks and dreams of family, friends and schoolteachers. Events which might have seem meaningless to you, is powerful in your subconscious mind, there it has not yet been properly processed into an emotional discharged memory.

So, if you want to built and work on your goals, first demolish all false or old beliefs, commitments and excuses. Once we have cleared all the rubbish, we seek for the dream inside you which is truly yours and only yours. Then we start to create your dream, transform this dream into reachable goals. We will guide you through the steps you need to take to bring your dream and your goals into your reality.


A core difference between Shyna’s work and other companies,
is the ability to find the lost or stuck aspects of one’s soul in hell or time and to drag them out of there…



This 3 days intensive is for you if you desire:

  • To be freed of your pains you put so much effort to hide them for the world.
  • Understanding your life’s trials and tribulation. Why does stuff happen?
  • Dissolving shadow beliefs and commitments which prevent you to move forward in your life, in your career.
  • Dissolving you history of using excuses not to reach your goals.
  • Dissolving the bad karma in your career or personal life.
  • More clarity about life’s purpose.
  • Bring a change in your life by daring to do so.



Here are some questions for you;

  • How would it feel like if you were presented opportunities without much effort?
  • Are you capable of trusting the signals coming from your heart and guts?
  • How would your life change if you were freed of anxieties?
  • Are you willing to be shown/explore the advantages of spiritual awareness?
  • Are you open for an integration of your spiritual awareness in your daily life?
  • How would it be if your karma of past lives, of karma created in this life would be completed with a result you will be able to move forward in your life with a much less burdened heart and mind?
  • Would you invest in a strategy if it not only changes your life, but also assists you to change your limited beliefs of who is in charge of your life?


Do you desire assistance in the upcoming changes in your life? This fall we will move heaven and earth to bring you forward in your life. The Intensive will be given on one of the most beautiful spots in Europe.  Make the decision and be part of this unique event.

Travel with us to the luxurious Swiss 5 star B├╝rgenstock resort which has been rebuilt the last years. The re-opening of this resort is the 14th of September 2017.



Book your ticket for your ‘Shift into a higher path of your Destiny’


Do you meet the required conditions for this 3 days intensive?

– You aspire for a groundbreaking change.
– You have tried conventional methods to grow in your personal life and you still feel this gap that something essential is missing.
– You are willing and able to honestly look at the negative aspects of self.
– You are able to travel to B├╝rgenstock resort on 23, 24th of March and 21st of April 2018.
– You are willing and able to pay the fee of Chf 7.900,- for a 3 days intensive.
– If the desire appears during or after the intensive to receive more guidance by Hellen and or Gerard; we offer a 6 month coaching program where you will be coached through your unique processes. 


We do not offer a one fits all solution.
We only offer programs which are like a custom tailored suit.





Your trainer:
Hellen Tiethoff

Finance Director:
Gerard Sargentini

Senior Sales Manager:
Willem Cozijnsen